Reimagine and re-invent

Transforming Communities,
Empowering Lives:
Lissette Calderon's Vision for Change.

Neology Development Group embraces a culture of empowerment and opportunity. It understands the immense potential that lies within undervalued communities, and it is its mission to unlock it. With unwavering dedication, Neology strives to create vibrant spaces that uplift and transform, building a brighter future for Miami, believing that every community deserves access to quality housing, amenities, and opportunities for growth. Through innovative and thoughtful development practices, Neology’s aim to revitalize neighborhoods, nurture local businesses, and provide a foundation for sustainable success. Neology is shaping a dynamic and inclusive Miami, where the possibilities are limitless.

Neology Development Group stands as a trailblazer in the realm of lifestyle-driven residential and commercial real estate.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Neology has left an indelible mark on the Miami River neighborhood, serving as a catalyst for its remarkable transformation. For over a decade, Neology has been at the forefront of development, shaping the area into a thriving hub of vibrant living and dynamic commerce. Now, its vision extends to neighboring Allapattah, where the firm is dedicated to bringing its expertise and passion for revitalization. With a deep appreciation for the unique character and potential of each neighborhood, Neology strives to create exceptional spaces that not only meet the needs of residents and businesses but also elevate their lifestyles. Neology Development Group is more than a real estate firm; it is a driving force behind the renaissance of Miami’s most promising districts.

Calderon has been recognized as a leading visionary and credited with identifying market opportunities in emerging neighborhoods to enhance communities long before others do. Known as the ‘Queen of the Miami River’, Calderon was the catalyst for the Miami River’s residential renaissance and responsible for bringing the loft living concept to Miami.

Calderon is the first-ever female residential real estate developer to build in the urban core, with the pioneering of the Miami River, and her vision of focusing on redefining urban neighborhoods in South Florida through lifestyle-driven residential and commercial development has been instrumental in the rise of the Miami River as one of Miami’s most in-demand waterfront communities and lifestyle destinations. Currently, the Neology brand has over 2,000 units owned or under contract and in the pre-development phase within the urban core.

As more residents look for living options in uniquely positioned urban neighborhoods, Allapattah is increasingly becoming an attractive option for nearby working professionals and families looking to enjoy the same amenities as people living in Brickell and Downtown. Allapattah is also seeing significant residential and commercial real estate investment underway that will further enhance the neighborhood’s appeal and quality-of-life offerings.

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