Gabriel A. Benitez

Managing Director of Investments

Gabriel serves as managing director of investments at Neology, where he leads acquisitions, capital markets, and investor relations activities. He plays a pivotal role in identifying potential investment opportunities, conducting thorough market analysis, and evaluating risks and returns associated with various investment ventures. Gabriel is responsible for formulating comprehensive investment policies, ensuring alignment with the company’s financial objectives, risk tolerance, and overall vision. He collaborates with key stakeholders, including executives, portfolio managers, and analysts, to develop and implement strategies that maximize the company’s financial growth and optimize investment performance. With his expertise and keen insight into market trends, as Director of Investments, he plays a crucial role in steering the company towards sound and lucrative investment decisions, fostering financial success and stability.
Gabriel graduated with honors from Georgia Tech with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering and later obtained his MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with concentrations on real estate and finance. He spends most his free time on the tennis courts and exploring new destinations with his family and two dogs.

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